FTTH CATV Receiver

V-SOL CATV Receiver With WDM

V-Solution V8601C is a mini in-door optical receiver build in WDM, design for FTTP/FTTH transmission applications. It delivers excellent frequency and distortion responses with low noise, high RF output, and low power consumption.The PTR3282C package is single mode fiber-pigtailed and is available with various connector options.

FTTH CATV Receiver With WDM

OR20WDM style FTTH optical receiver is home-based optical receiver catering to the ultimate Goal of development of optical access and suitable for FTTH (fiber to the home) optical fiber network users access to the end. Analog or digital to home can be used together the ONU or EOC achieving triple play. It adopts low optical power detector, GaAs and optical control AGC technique which meet to the demands of FTTH CATV receiving. They are many kinds of different function which has a little difference to meet low cost. OR20J can bring user’s economic application while OR20A with optical input 0~-9dBm (AGC range made according to user’s demands).


V-Solution V8601H FTTH Optical Receiver has high performance, lower receiver optical power and lower cost for CATV operators providing high quality and excellent FTTH network solution.